Vehicular Adventures


What a week it’s been.

On the business side we’re prepping to get ready for the ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference in San Francisco.  I have both an 8-hr class and a presentation to deliver while there - in addition to a few conversations that could have a significant impact on business.  Needless to say I’ve been a bit distracted.

I also helped MsBoyink wrap up a bedroom re-paint, and choose tile and paint for our master bath.  That will get re-done while we’re gone (barring any issues lurking under the current flooring and walls.  Which wouldn’t surprise me). 
Mix in one kid in Little League, and another in piano lessons.  You folks with families know what I’m talking about.  Busy busy busy.

And - here’s where the spooky music starts - we’ve been a one-daily-driver car family for a few years now, and I sold off the toy car (Jeep) few months back so we are literally down to one vehicle.

And that one car, that one reliable for 5 years now car, that one car that only needed to last a few more weeks car, that car we were planning to replace with a truck that can pull the trailer we recently bought - that one car?  Died this week.  It started acting up, running rough, spitting and sputtering.  So - we brought it into the shop and let them do another $200 in repairs. And the next day it died dead enough to get a flatbed ride back to the shop - and a prognosis involving more cash we want to stick into a car that will soon be gone.

Which left us with bikes - and the need to get kids out of town to grandparents for a week, and MsBoyink and I to the airport 30 miles away.  No - we were basically stuck.  Either it was going to be a rental or the quick purchase of a “tweener” car - something to own just long enough to get us into a truck.  Either alternative sucked both from a financial and headache perspective.

So - I got desperate.  I threw out pleas on Twitter and Facebook - just to see if by some stretch anyone had a car we could borrow until we find the right truck.

And someone did. 

Enter Casey Dubois.  A “Twitter friend” - another W. MI techhie.  Casey asks if a Volvo “would interest me” (at this point a clapped out Yugo that could get down the road would be a small miracle).  This morning Casey drives 25 minutes to my house, picks me up, and delivers me to a nice black Volvo sedan with leather and a sunroof.

The tile has been picked up.  The boy got to his Little League game.  The clothes and food shopping got done.  We’re on-schedule to fly out tomorrow.  We can breath easier - just a bit - knowing we have a little time to find the right deal on the right truck.

Have you had an angel spotting in your life today? 

I have.

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