Virginia Beach Addendum

It’s Miranda, Peoples, the Miranda you have read about, but who has never written before. This is her first post on the website, so read it carefully.

Last weekend, at First Landing State Park, Data and I made two friends. They had ended up right next to our campsite, all the better to visit them.

There was Dane, who had blond hair. He was thin, and eleven years old. He liked to climb trees and collect/study rocks (geology).

And then there was Hannah, who had reddish hair. She was a good runner, but not so thin as her brother. She liked to bake and read.

They also had a DOG, Alley, a good DOG, who liked to chew on sticks and have her tummy rubbed.

The first night that Data and I played with Hannah and Dane was a dark night, like nights are getting up there in Virginia. First, when Hannah was inside baking COOKIES, Dane and Data and I all went down to the beach. The moon was shining pretty brightly, but we still needed our flashlights.

The boys and I found two sea urchins, those purple spiky things that are so cool, and since we hadn’t brought anything to carry them in, we marked them with an old anchor thing so that we could find them the next day.

When we got back, Hannah had finished with baking her COOKIES, and was ready to play with us. We decided to play Man-hunt, similar to Bloody Murder, and it lasted from about seven to eleven. Late night, huh? Girls against boys, and the girls won seven to six. Well, it was fun, that night, and I liked my new friends a lot.

The next morning, after I showered, Data and I went to find our good friends. Only one was out, the boy, Dane. He was climbing a tree.

“Hi, Dane. Where’s Hannah?” I promptly asked.

“She’s in bed, reading a book,” he replied.

Oh well. Boys would have to do to play with until Hannah came out.

So Dane, Data, and I decided to play Man-hunt. Data counted while Dane and I hid, far away past the woods. By the gazebo, actually. I like the gazebo. It’s a nice place to be.

Dane had brought along his slingshot and pebbles to shoot to try to trick Data into thinking we were wherever he shot. It didn’t work, but it is fun to watch the pebbles fly in the air.

After playing Man-hunt (at which neither Dane or I scored), Data, I, Dane, and all of Dane’s family except Hannah (who was still reading her book), went to the beach. Dane and I combed the beach, him picking up rocks and a few shells, me picking up shells and a few rocks. I beach-combed for longer than Dane did, there being more interesting shells then interesting rocks there. (Alley was chasing her ball, by the way. She likes to chase balls.)

When I got tired of beach-combing, I looked around for Data. Data had gotten tired of throwing the ball for Alley, and so he was helping Dane build something that looked like a castle from where I was. A sand castle.

“What are you making?” I asked Dane when I had gotten closer.

“A windbreaker,” he answered. “People can hide behind it to get out of the wind or to hide from a bobcat.”

I helped Dane and Data build up the windbreaker. It was hard work, but I could tell that Dane enjoyed it, and was proud of his construction.

Once the windbreaker was as completed as Data and I could make it (I’m sure that Dane could have gone on digging and piling and patting for a long time), we persuaded Dane to play pickle with us, a game that was as close to baseball as Dane was going to get me to play. Dane was good at pickle, and so was Data, but none of us really won.

Dane and all his family went to AJ Gators for lunch, which my parents politely declined the invitation to.

Boyink took Data and me hiking where I picked up two sticks for Alley to chew on when we got back. Alley liked the sticks I brought back for her, and immediately went to work on one of them.

Hannah had finished her book and was now creating turkey COOKIES. (COOKIES that looked like turkeys, not COOKIES that have turkey in them!)

Dane introduced us to his friend, Levi. Data had made preparations for football Frisbee when Dane did not feel so good. Dane decided to eat dinner, so Levi, Data, and I played Frisbee until the Frisbee got stuck on top of our slide. After that, the game slowly disbanded, and Levi went back to his own camper.

Data and I went to Dane’s camper to see how he was getting along. He was still eating, so Data and I ate dinner, also.

Once we were done eating, we went back to our friends’ camper. Dane’s mother told us that Dane was lying down for a little while, because even after eating, he did not feel so good. But Hannah was out, her COOKIES finished. So Data rounded up Levi and we all decided to play Man-hunt.

The game did not go so well as the night before, and Data and I figured out why. Dane was the guy who kept the game together, the glue. Dane was “the life of the (kids’) party”. So the kids drifted to the fire and stared into it, listening to the occasional report on how Dane was doing.

Dane threw up. That report was not so good.

Boyink, seeing that the kids were getting a little bored, decided to propose a Geo-cache. All of us went except Levi, and, of course, Dane. Alley took their place, happy for a stroll at night, a little over-happy maybe.

Hannah and Data were in front, and they saw the cache easily enough, but the log had no writing utensil, so that was a cache that we did not log in.

Our little group headed back, Alley slowing us down somewhat with her always wanting to sniff at trees and poles and such.

Once back at Hannah and Dane’s camper, Levi and his two younger brothers had headed back to their camper to turn in for the night. The adults (Boyink, MsBoyink, Carolyn (Dane’s mom), Heath (Dane’s dad), and Steve (Levi’s dad)) talked for a long time about things that did not interest kids. The kids (Hannah, Data, and I) mostly stared into the fire and commented occasionally when one of the adults said something that they could relate to.

Once Levi’s little brothers had gone to sleep, the adults turned on the Karoeke machine. I sang a lot, mostly with Hannah, some with Data. One song that I sang with Hannah was “Over The Rainbow.” One I sang with Data was “Carry On, My Wayward Son,” one of Data’s favorite songs.

We sang until almost midnight. I was surprised that no Ranger came to tell us that quiet hour had already passed a long time ago (two hours by the time we turned in).

The next morning Dane was feeling much better, and our two families set up for the trip back (Hannah and Dane) and to North Carolina (for the Boyinks.)

I had a fun time with my friends, and now I eagerly await news over e-mail from them, because I miss them a lot.

I wonder if Hannah is baking any COOKIES right now?

Getting the frisbee off the slide.

Getting the frisbee off the slide.

Geocaching after dark.

Geocaching after dark.

Storybird and friend do some campfire karaoke.

Storybird and friend do some campfire karaoke.

Data does Born to be Wild.

Data does Born to be Wild.

Moss covered vines  - seen while hiking.

Moss covered vines - seen while hiking.

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

6 Comments Virginia Beach Addendum

  1. Picture of Laura Camacho Laura Camacho November 23, 2010

    Thanks for your missive, Storybird! I hope you and Data will write your own updates frequently; I like hearing about the trip from the kids’ perspectives.

    It sounds like you are having fun and I’m glad there are other kids whose parents are adventuring with them like yours are with you. Are you enjoying yourself? I remember that you were a little apprehensive about leaving home. Even if it gets rough sometimes, you are making some amazing memories that you will always look back on so fondly. I bet when you grow up and have your own kids, you’ll want to do the same thing with them. ;)

    Your family inspires me! When my girls are older, Leslie and I really want to travel around with them, too.


  2. Picture of Christen Christen November 23, 2010


    Thank you for sharing your adventures!  I enjoyed reading about your experiences and can’t wait to see more posts from you!

  3. Picture of Dane and Hannah Dane and Hannah November 25, 2010

    Thats really cool storybird. Here I am! So where are you going to have Thanksgiving? We miss you so much. I loved it when we played man-hunt at First Landing. I hope you find more friends on the way!


    That is so cool Storybird! You are a GREAT writer! I’m not baking cookies right now, but yesterday I did bake cupcakes for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving by the way! Levi and his family are coming over to our house for Thanksgiving. It was alot of fun playing man-hunt. And, now that I think of it, so was karoke! Alley is great. Hope you have a great trip and befriend some more kids!


  4. Picture of Storybird Storybird November 25, 2010

    Thank you for commenting on my post. In response to Dane: We don’t have plans for thanksgiving, but we might go to the theater and watch a movie. I miss you too, and I do hope I make more friends on the way!
    In response to Hannah: Thank you! I like to write, I enjoy writing, and I do it a lot. Cupcakes are yummy. Did you decorate the cupcakes with frosting? I hope you have a lot of fun with Levi and his family today. Say hello (woof) to Alley for me. I miss you too! Goodbye!

  5. Picture of amber northcutt amber northcutt November 25, 2010

    Thanks for the story Storybird. It was really good and I enjoyed reading it especially since I don’t read this too often. I miss you and your family a lot. I’ll see you at Christmas time.


  6. Picture of Storybird Storybird December 02, 2010

    Dane and Hannah-
    Data and I miss you guys a lot, and we are eager to hear from you via e-mail.

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