Visiting Heeremas

Back in 2005 there was a website started for Christian web developers and designers called While the site looks to be languishing now, it had a good run for a couple of years serving both as a showcase for high-quality Christian web designs and as a connection point for Christian web-heads who wanted the quality of their work to be high.

As part of the annual South by Southwest Festival in Austin, there were Godbit dinners where we’d all get together, eat and hang out in person.  It was there that we (I drove down with my family one year) met Matt Heerema, who at the time (if I recollect right) worked at AOL.  We’ve stayed loosely connected since, which mostly means we follow each other on Twitter and I try to understand Matt’s deeply theologic utterings there (it’s good to be challenged!)

I knew Matt lived in Iowa so when we were headed to Des Moines I got in touch and Matt was open to having a meal together.  We made the drive up, met Matt’s wife Nancy and their children,  and had a spread fit for a king featuring pork chops on the grill (which we now understand is like having lobster in Maine). Matt is in the process of starting up a design agency called Mere so much of the talk was web related, but also ranged from deep unanswerable questions about the future of mankind to the I-80 Song by Heywood Banks (video included below).

Thanks to Heerema’s for a great meal and visit!

The I-80 Song

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