Book Review: Voyaging with Kids - A Guide to Family Life Afloat (with Video)

We want to do more video. We want to do more book reviews. So why not video of a book review? Makes sense to us.

A primary goal of DitchingSuburbia is to build a community of like-minded people - but who might have chosen different means to achieve their goals.

Suburbia-ditchers want closer family. Richer education. Simpler living. And uncommon adventures.

We choose to chase those goals in an RV. Others choose bikes. Or tiny houses. Or boats.

If you are one of the latter - or want to be a cruising family - there is a new book you should know about.

Voyaging With Kids - A Guide to Family Life Afloat came out last month. The book is written by 3 authors already on the DitchingSuburbia blogroll:

Here’s our review of the book:

Our review of Voyaging with Kids - a Guide to Family Life Afloat


Ditching Suburbia was provided a copy of the book for the purposes of a review. Our link below is an Amazon Affiliate link, but otherwise we are not being compensated for this review.


In the video I say that the Robertsons are now RVing in New Zealand but it’s actually the Johnsons.

Extended Resources

In addition to the print version of Voyaging with Kids there is also a:

Costs of Cruising

In the video I mention linking you to a site where a cruising family lists their costs. Here’s that link:

S/V Terrapin March 2015 Cost of Cruising

If you explore their site you can find their costs from other months as well.

Buy the Book

Here’s a handy Amazon link if you want to buy the book now.


Are You Considering?

If you are considering a boat-based life for your family tell us about it in the comments below!

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