Wandering Educators

This past fall, Harrison and Miranda were part of Wandering Educators Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program. The kids had weekly lectures, provided by Wandering Educators, and blogging assignments, posted on the Wandering Educator’s site.

We had originally planned for the kids to stay with the program for three semesters. But, we found that when we were actually traveling it was difficult for the kids to keep on top of things. So, we opted to complete the first semester and move on to a different “writing” program.

The kids were challenged to write blog posts that fit a certain theme (for example: pick a place you had a negative experience and write a post making this location a vacation destination). Although I know these posts are on Wandering Educator’s site, I also wanted to have them here on our own blog. Some of the photos are a bit different than those posted on Wandering Educators, but the kids’ writing is as posted.

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