We Hit the Road!

Well, we finally did it. Around 1:30 PM we packed the kitchen table away, put the last bag of trash in the receptacle, made a final check of our hookups and drove out of our home town of Holland, MI to start our year-long adventure on the road.




Mike Driving

Mike Driving

The Boyinks hit the road for a year - finally!

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4 Comments We Hit the Road!

  1. Picture of EuanEuanSeptember 29, 2010

    Good luck! Am looking forward to reading about your travels.

  2. Picture of AlexAlexSeptember 30, 2010

    Go Mike! Good Luck to you!

  3. Picture of BoyinkBoyinkSeptember 30, 2010

    Thanks guys!

  4. Picture of SeanSeanOctober 01, 2010

    I’m a little late here, but hope you have a great year.

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