What Does Adventure Mean?

At lunch today the topic came up of “what does adventure mean?”  So I asked everyone what would make this trip an adventure for them.  Here are the answers:

For Miranda

  • Interviewing an author
  • Hiking along a beach and picking up huge shells
  • Taking a walk in the forest and seeing a wolf
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Going horseback riding in Kentucky
  • Trying Coffee


  • Seeing things like
  • Yellowstone
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Grand Canyon
  • Long Island
  • The ocean - seeing and tasting
  • Niagara Falls (going back to)

For Mike

  • The entire event!
  • Researching and buying an RV and new vehicle
  • Learning to drive a long rig
  • Finding campsites
  • Parking and setting up the RV
  • Sleeping in a new spot
  • Eating in a new spot
  • Working in a new spot
  • Meeting people I’ve known only online for years
  • Meeting new people from different walks of life

For Crissa

  • A bit of all three of Mirandas/Harrisons/Mikes
  • Finding God in new places
  • Hanging with the family
  • Leaving her safe house
  • Eating fresh local produce & other local foods

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  1. Picture of Christine Christine June 06, 2016

    Oooh this is a fun exercise that we’ll have to do! Our kids are only 9 months and 3 years though, so I’ll have to make up their lists. :-P

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