Where’s the Ditching Suburbia Crew?

“Are you guys still traveling? I miss your travel blogs.”

The above question was recently asked of us.

It’s a fair question. Sometimes I fell like we pull a “bait & switch” on you guys. We lure you in with a travel/RV theme then write about a bunch of other stuff.

Here’s the truth. A behind the scenes look at our future plans for Ditching Suburbia.

We don’t know.

We’re in a season of transition. Recent empty-nesters. Questions about:

  • Careers?
  • Income streams?
  • What are we trying to do in this “Phase 2” of our lives?
  • Where can we best add value?
  • How can we fill a need in the market?
  • Who wants to (or needs to) hear the story we have to tell?
  • Will we kill our love for this lifestyle trying to monetize it?

So we’re treading water. We’ve pulled back on the amount of content we’re creating. We are spending time on long-neglected areas of our lives. Once we’ve got that crop planted and fertilized, we’ll come back to Ditching Suburbia and re-evaluate.

One thing I do know. Maybe two. We aren’t going to be a “How to RV” blog. And we aren’t going to be an “RV travel blog.”

Currently we have no plans to stop traveling by RV. But I sense a shift of focus coming on.

I can sum up a lot of our past work in three words: “Look at us.” It’s too much about us. What we did. How we did it. And how cool you should think we are.

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Too much pride. Too much vanity.

Ditching Suburbia started as the “digital scrapbook” of our 1-year family RV trip - so some of that inward-focus is understandable.

But that “year on the road” was over 6.5 years ago. During that time the internet has exploded with full-time travel/RV resources. And there are so many sites doing a better job of it than we ever could. Written by people we call friends and have no desire to “compete” with.

Maybe I know three things. Going forward (if we keep the site going) we won’t be the focus. We’d rather tell your stories. And the stories of other people who’ve chosen to swim upstream. To break from the herd. To separate themselves from the mainstream.

Past that?

I’m not sure.

We’ll let you know as God reveals the plan to us. If you are the praying sort, we’d appreciate your prayers for us, to find God’s will and to live in the center of it.

If you’ve ever been through a similar big shift in your life, we’d appreciate any words of encouragement or advice you might have for us.

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12 Comments Where’s the Ditching Suburbia Crew?

  1. Picture of Lisa KoetjeLisa KoetjeJune 10, 2018

    hey guys i have to say i found this blog update very interesting . jim and i spent a bit of time talking about it.  i wish i could get my thoughts on here .  maybe in July when you hit town we can meet up and figure out all of lives question. i think the things you are trying to figure out are in some form or other issues that people our age try to grasp whether your life is on the road like you or planted in our house like us.

  2. Picture of Walt DavisWalt DavisJune 11, 2018

    There can never be too many websites dedicated to exposing the lie that is corporate America’s version of the American Dream.  Virtually everything you are “supposed to do” (house you can’t afford, debt up to your ears, etc) is aimed at filling the pockets of the 1% and keeping you subservient to them.  We are their cash cows and, like cattle, we move and do what we are told.  I really don’t want this to sound like some demented rant….but people (especially young people) need to know their are choices other than shortened lives from the stress of constantly consuming everything that is put before them.  Right now, RVing offers the only escape…the only chance to own something you can afford and to be truly free.  Well, you get the picture.

  3. Picture of Crissa BoyinkCrissa BoyinkJune 12, 2018


    Looking forward to talking when we hit Michigan this summer!

  4. Picture of Zack FlodeenZack FlodeenJune 15, 2018

    I was a bit worried after not seeing your weekly emails for a while.  Good to know you are just trying to figure out what the next phase in life is.  I do agree with Walt that it doesn’t hurt to have another website on the topic, but I also know it’s a lot of work.  We started our own site to share our journey, similar to how your site started, and I have not been as faithful to it as I would like.  Your site was one of the biggest influences on our launch, and we just hit 1 year a few weeks back and are still going strong. I’m sure you will figure it out!  Sending thoughts and prayers your way as your find the next phase for the website and your lives!

  5. Picture of Norm H. Norm H.June 18, 2018

    Good to see your post. We have been so busy with our Hawaii family we hadn’t checked the blog in awhile, but had missed the weekly emails. Back on the mainland now with a little more time.
    Evaluation and decision making are never easy tasks. Seasons of life are real, too.  Whether you choose to resume a nomadic life or a “stick & brick” life, how you live that life will always be informed by your past.  For example,  going forward you will live either life with a greater minimalistic consciousness; a positive in this consumer driven culture we call America.
    As for the blog, whether you choose to continue at all, or choose to redirect from an RV emphasis to a life path emphasis, do what makes you feel useful and what gives you happiness.
    In the meantime, prayers and good wishes. Enjoy the Michigan summer.  :)

  6. Picture of Nate CroftNate CroftJune 19, 2018

    I was thinking about you all and realized I hadn’t seen anything in a bit. I’m glad to read you’re alive and well and in the process of figuring things out. We love you and hope the Lord shows you which way to go!

  7. Picture of AndreaAndreaJune 20, 2018

    I am the praying sort. You’ll find the center of God’s will… because you’re seeking it.

    I found you because we want to make sure the desire for full time RVing is a godly one. We don’t even own an RV yet!

    Thank you for your candor.

    Enjoy this season of transition. It’s just another adventure. Be blessed.

  8. Picture of Crissa BoyinkCrissa BoyinkJune 20, 2018


    Congratulations on your 1 year nomadversary!

    Thanks for your prayers as we figure this out.

  9. Picture of Crissa BoyinkCrissa BoyinkJune 20, 2018


    Glad things went well in Hawaii and praying for the birth of your next grand baby.

    Thanks for your continued prayers.

  10. Picture of Crissa BoyinkCrissa BoyinkJune 20, 2018


    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  11. Picture of Crissa BoyinkCrissa BoyinkJune 20, 2018


    You are wise to seek God’s will in the decision to travel.

    Thanks for your prayers.

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