Who are the People In Your Neighborhood?


That one word comes up a lot in talking about a nomadic lifestyle. Fear of losing it keeps people from launching out of suburban lifestyles. Lack of it while traveling causes people to get back off the road.

Community and being nomadic aren’t mutually exclusive. It takes work. You have to be intentional about placing yourself by others of your tribe.

Follow Blogs

Finding and connecting with other traveling families is one reason we follow so many blogs from other traveling families. By watching where families are posting from we can contact them and see about arranging to be neighbors for a spell.

Follow Social Media Accounts

Other social media like Facebook and Instagram can used for the same purpose.

You have to get over your inner introvert and reach out. You may be ignored. You may be turned down. You may hear “we have since moved three states away from you”.

But sometimes, it works.

Build a Neighborhood

If you find compatible families you can schedule further out for longer times of being neighbors.

We scheduled a time in a Florida State Park with three other fulltime traveling families - one family having already gone home on the same day another pulled in.

Imagine being able to hand-pick your neighbors.


  • A street lined with your good friends
  • Your kids being able to wrap up their homeschool lessons in the morning and then trot across the road to their friends
  • Imagine those kids being kids you like and know have similar values being taught to them
  • Kids gathering for a game of frisbee, bike rides, or movies watched outdoors

We imagined this and then made reservations in parallel with friends. Once a couple of us had a schedule together we let some other folks know, and it grew from there.

We have had shared meals, time around campfires, walks together, wildlife spotting together, prayers for each other, and sharing of hearts regarding faith & travel.

Authentic Church

For us this time together has been far closer to an authentic church than anything we have experienced in a church building.

Don’t let the fear of isolation keep you from ditching suburbia. Instead view it as an opportunity to build your own neighborhood.

Who will be the people in your neighborhood?

Here are some other photos of the people in ours:

Girls in the road

Girls in the road

Adults in the trailer

Adults in the trailer

Shanks on the water

Shanks on the water

Kids watching movie

Kids watching movie

Men in the road

Men in the road

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  1. Picture of Josh Josh October 15, 2016

    Great example of the community we all crave to be part of.

    Looking forward to joining it soon!

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