Coaching For Fulltime RV Family Wanna-bes

You're done. You want out. You are ready to sell it all and hit the road. Selling the house, buying a rig, choosing where to go - it's overwhelming!

We're here to help.

Between our 6+ years of fulltime RV living, being active in different nomadic communities, and 30+ interviews of other families on the road we've got the skills and knowledge you need.

Thank you so much. Your family seems like they are a great example of what life on the road could be - and the info was so helpful! Thank you again!Kevin

By the Session ($200)

We'll ask you some questions in advance to get better apprised of your situation, then spend two hours or so on the phone or Skype with you, answering your questions and pointing you to resources you can use to plan your escape from the suburbs.



By the Month ($100/mo)

Use our by the month coaching option to get regular advice up to and including your Ditching Suburbia day. We'll check in regularly and help you through making the transition to your new life (minimum 3 months).



By the Package ($500)

Get six months of Ditching Suburbia coaching - we'll touch base for an hour each month helping you conquer any logistics issues, quell any fears you might have, and help you get a glimpse of the life that awaits you.

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