Need Help Ditching?

Need an extra hand or two to get out of suburbia and onto the road or water?

Here's our offer: Give us a spot to park and plug in our van. Feed us a meal and we'll talk about your plans. Then we'll roll up our sleeves and jump in to help get you ditched. We could help:

  • Shop for RVs
  • Figure out internet service
  • Staff a garage sale
  • Plan a homeschool curriculum
  • Plan your route

And the cost? Just the parking spot and meals. We aren't seeing this as a business. We just want to get out of campgrounds, build community, and be an encouraging voice for families looking to ditch.

FYI - no guarantees. Our travel plans are usually uncertain and last-minute. We'll hope for a match between them and your location. Otherwise, we can jump on a Skype call instead of a visit.

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