Ditching Suburbia Newsletter: Become a Ditcher!

The weekly Ditching Suburbia newsletter offers an inside look at our travels, tells the stories of other Ditchers, links to content we've recently added, and highlights other Ditching Suburbia goodies like the Podcast and Instagram account.

Reader Comments

Man! I had no idea that when I signed up for your newsletter a day or two ago for RVing insight I would be getting so much more. Keep doing what you're doing!
Your weekly newsletter is something I'm always excited to read when it arrives in my inbox. I find your life stories are so often right on the mark of what I need to hear.
That letter came from your heart. I felt it as I read it. We can't wait to read your book! Keep it all coming...
I really do enjoy your newsletter. Sometimes I miss reading them but I think yours is about the only one I actually open and enjoy.
I'm sure you get lots of emails from people, but I also wanted to tell you that you and your family have been not only an inspiration, but also a great resource for us to go to when those doubts start creeping in. Your successes, your failures (which means you can be human and do this) have given us the encouragement to continue down this road - so thank you!
I look forward to Thursdays because I know I will be doing some interesting reading from your hand.