The Ditching Suburbia podcast looks at a different aspects of non-suburban life, or talks with people looking ditch the suburbs.

If you have achieved the "American Dream" but found it a nightmare, if you feel like you never see your kids, if you yearn for a simpler life or more adventure - give it a listen!

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#58: 33 Hours on Amtrak - Cheap Travel or Cheap Torture

How we prepped for, endured, and returned from a 33 hour Amtrak trip.

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#57: Ruined for Suburbia

You can't go home again, because the you that left isn't the you going back.

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#56: Using Crisis to Fuel Change

We use crisis to fuel change.

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#55: Our Traveling Teen, 18 Months Post Launch

Our son grew up on the road and launched into his own adventures 18 months ago. MsBoyink interviewed him in episode #9 after his first 6 months on his own. A year later MsBoyink talks with Harrison to see what's changed and what he has planned in the near future.

Length: 13:03  ·  Download  · Permalink

#54: Becoming Ditchers: Spike and Shelby Riggs

Spike and Shelby Riggs are both retired police officers now hitting the road. We talk about carrying guns while traveling, their homeschooling plans, and how to any treat local law enforcement you might meet.

Length: 45:00  ·  Download  · Permalink

#53: Downsizing to a Camper Van - Are We Crazy?

Our fifth wheel is for sale, and we have a deposit on a Class B motorhome / camper van. For 3 of us to live in. Are we crazy? We talk through the logistics and emotions in this episode.

Length: 31:28  ·  Download  · Permalink

#52: Our First RV Rally - Lessons Learned

Our thoughts on the 2017 FTF Tally Rally

Length: 9:00  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#51: How To Find Other Fulltime RV Families

Finding other families traveling by RV isn't a problem that technology can solve. Here's why and what to do instead.

Length: 8:01  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#50: Scenes From A Laundry Room

If we had a washer/dryer in our RV I would have missed meeting some great people in the laundromat.

Length: 4:44  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#49: Goat Farm Wrap-Up

Wrap up of my stay on a goat farm. Also, cute week-old kids.

Length: 2:53  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#48: Birthing Kids

We learned how to get through goats birthing kids.

Length: 7:13  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#47: Making Goat Milk Soap

We learned how to make soap from goat products during a WWOOFing stay.

Length: 4:33  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#46: Making Goat Milk Cheese

We learned how to make cheese using goat milk.

Length: 4:36  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#45: Filtering Goat Milk and Making Yogurt

What happens to the fresh goat milk on a WWOOFING farm.

Length: 3:10  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#44: How to Milk Goats

The process of milking goats on a WWOOFing farm.

Length: 5:41  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#43: Becoming Ditchers: Matt and Jessica Recupito

The RV is on order. Retirement date is set. Matt and Jessica are about a year and a half away from ditching with their three children. We talk RVs, trucks, homeschooling, socialization and more.

Length: 48:42  ·  Download  · Permalink

#42: Reading on the Road: How Fulltime RV Families Manage Books

How we manage books as an actively-reading fulltime RV family.

Length: 10:09  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#41: Own Your Days

Decide when to get up, who to work for, how to school your kids, and where to live.

Length: 5:48  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#40: Puzzling Together History

Travel allows you to add pieces of history together to get a more complete picture

Length: 4:17  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#39: Becoming Ditchers: Don Downs

Don and his family are about two years out from ditching suburbia. We talk about having kids in high school, types of RV's, retirement plans (or not), and Don's business at RVBusinessCoach.com.

Length: 25:59  ·  Download  · Permalink

#38: Becoming Ditchers: Eric and Mandi Gonia

Eric and Mandi Gonia and their 2 children are launching from Little Rock, AR to a life on the road in an RV. We talk trucks, homeschooling, vlogging, finding community, dirty laundry and more.

Length: 48:23  ·  Download  · Permalink

#37: Becoming Ditchers: Josh Green

Expecting, house for sale, RV bought, job quit, travel nursing lined up - Josh Green and family are all into the process of Ditching Suburbia!

Length: 26:56  ·  Download  · Permalink

#36: Why We Are Ditching Suburbia

Why does an average family give up the American Dream to hit the road fulltime?

Length: 6:01  ·  Download  · Permalink

#35: Becoming Ditchers: Eric and Triann Benson

Estate sale done. House up for sale. RV not yet purchased. What it's like to be halfway to getting on the road? We talk with Eric & Triann Benson to find out.

Length: 35:04  ·  Download  · Permalink

#34: Fifth Wheel Towing Tips

Tips for towing a 5th wheel camper and backing the trailer into a campsite.

Length: 7:49  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#33: Is a Thousand Trails Membership Worth It?

Many fulltime RVers consider Thousand Trails memberships necessary. We don't, and here's why.

Length: 8:43  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#32: Why We Quit A Camphosting Job

We quit a camphosting job early - learn what was right, what went wrong, and what we learned from it.

Length: 6:53  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#31: How Fulltime RV Families Get Their Mail

Learn to use a mail forwarding service and to avoid the mailing address mistake we made.

Length: 5:55  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#30: How Large Families Tow Fifth Wheel Campers

The solutions families with more than 3 kids use for pulling fifth wheel campers.

Length: 7:57  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#29: The Debt of Stuff

Not all debt is financial. Avoid the debt of stuff.

Length: 5:11  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#28: Camp Hosting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A summary of our first experience camphosting. It sucked. We learned a lot.

Length: 13:09  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#27: How to Boondock at Walmart

RVers like to say there are rules for boondocking at Walmart. We disagree with some of them and here is why.

Length: 8:28  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#26: The Emotional Cost of Purging

MsBoyink talks through the emotions that came up while purging old scrapbooks, yearbooks, report cards, and letters.

Length: 8:00  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#25: What To Do When You Break Down

Break downs are part of fulltime life on the road. Here's how to handle them.

Length: 21:36  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#24: Severe Weather and Fulltime RVing

Inclement weather is the bane of RVing - what do you do when a nasty storm is approaching?

Length: 4:36  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#23: Does Fulltime Travel Hurt a Teen’s Chance at College?

What's better - a college prep highschool career or a life of travel and stories?

Length: 5:10  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#22: Enjoy Your Kids. Homeschool Them. Don’t Sweat Socialization. Or College

Don't let pop culture tell you how to raise your kids.

Length: 5:02  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#21: Social Media for Traveling Families

Social media for traveling families - the good, the bad, our favorites, and thoughts on kids using it.

Length: 28:07  ·  Download  · Permalink

#20: What To Do When The Campground Sucks

Some campgrounds just suck but you can't leave. Here's what we did when that happened to us.

Length: 6:10  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#19: We Are Half-Empty Nesters

What's next - a smaller RV, international travel, or something crazy?

Length: 17:05  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#18: Do You Have Any Regrets About Selling It All To Hit The Road?

Learn what our one regret is after selling it all to hit the road.

Length: 6:36  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#17: How to Remove the Clutter of Advertising from Your Life

Is your day chock-full of advertising noise? Here are some steps to find the quiet you seek.

Length: 6:26  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#16: What to Do When CPS Knocks On Your Door

We had CPS come visit our RV. Hear the story and learn from what we did right and what we did wrong.

Length: 11:33  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#15: A Complete Guide to Homeschooling & Roadschooling K-12

Our experience, resources and links for roadschooling kids of all ages.

Length: 9:39  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#14: What To Do When Hollywood Calls

We left our suburban life in September 2010. Since then we have been contacted by 10-12 different production companies working on some sort of show.

Length: 9:36  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#13: But What About Friends?

Want to travel but concerned your kids won't have friends? Read this.

Length: 8:57  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#12: Homeschooling Science for Science-Haters

Learn how to find science experiences on the road that will satisfy even those kids who claim to hate science.

Length: 5:32  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#11: The Hardest Thing About Fulltime Travel and What To Do About It

The hardest thing about full-time travel is decision fatigue - learn what to do about it.

Length: 5:29  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#10: Are Families That Live in RVs Considered Homeless?

Fulltime RV families are often told they are homeless. We interviewed an expert to find out the truth.

Length: 10:57  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#9: What Happens When a Traveling Teen Moves Out On His Own?

After growing up on the road, our son Harrison found a job, rented a room, and moved out of the RV. MsBoyink interviews him to see what that has been like.

Length: 15:10  ·  Download  · Permalink

#8: Our Faith Journey 4 - What Church Looks Like Now

The last in our series on how fulltime travel has changed our church life details a new model for church and provides real-life examples of it in action.

Length: 8:46  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#7: Our Faith Journey 3 - Tearing Apart and Rebuilding Church

Three books that helped us tear down our understanding of church in America and rebuild it in a more authentic, relational, shame-free way.

Length: 4:43  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#6: Our Faith Journey 2 - Church Sampling and Disillusionment

The second article in a series looking at what happened to our church life after we started traveling fulltime as a family.

Length: 7:43  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#5: Our Faith Journey 1 - The Backstory

Part one of a series examining how ditching the suburbs has affected our view on church and religion.

Length: 4:00  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#4: Pretty Prisons, Golden Handcuffs and Caged Birds

Are you building yourself a pretty prison created from job perks, a comfortable life, and a nice suburban house?

Length: 4:32  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#3: Suburbia: How it Destroys the American Family

Don't let Suburban Busy control your family life. Instead, choose to Own Your Days.

Length: 6:06  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#2: How to Define Your Family Adventure

Your tolerance for inconvenience determines the shape of your family adventure.

Length: 6:57  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#1: History Isn’t Always Interesting

As homeschoolers you feel compelled to follow the brown signs and incorporate whatever it is into your schooling and your travels. But, it doesn't interest you.

Length: 4:51  · Notes ·  Download  · Permalink

#0: About Ditching Suburbia

How the Boyink family ditched the suburbs for a life of fulltime RV travel.

Length: 5:51  ·  Download  · Permalink

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