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If you have achieved the "American Dream" but found it a nightmare, if you feel like you never see your kids, if you yearn for a simpler life or more adventure - give it a listen!

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#75: Becoming Ditchers: Jared & Stephanie Pechan

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Show Notes

Before this I worked the typical job. I would leave at 7 in the morning and get home at 6 or 7 at night. I’d kiss the kids goodbye when they were waking up in the morning and help to put them to bed when I got home. I felt like we needed a change so that both of could actually see the kids while they are growing up. Jared Pechan

In this podcast we talk about:

  • Their plan to sail fulltime for 2-3 years with their family of five (kids ages 11, 10, and 8).
  • Stephanie teaching at the school her kids go to.
  • Not waiting for the kids to get older to find adventure
  • Living in a sheltered town being a reason to want to travel.
  • How sailboat camping led to this idea of a long term sailing as a family adventure.
  • Shopping for the perfect boat.
  • Buying a boat from a charter company rather than a private party.
  • Transitioning from public school to boatschooling.
  • Planning to meet other families out traveling.
  • Facebook “Worldschoolers” Group
  • Facebook “Kids4Sail” Group
  • Ditching Suburbia Where To Go Map

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4 Comments #75: Becoming Ditchers: Jared & Stephanie Pechan

  1. Picture of Jared Pechan Jared Pechan August 29, 2017

    Yahoo! Can’t wait to listen to our cast!

  2. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink September 07, 2017

    And on sobering note, I just heard that the Pechans may have lost everything in Hurrican Irma.

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