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#81: Don’t Start a Travel Blog to Make Money

By all means blog your travels. But not for money.

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Show Notes

Heath Padgett’s podcast: Why Blogging is a Terrible Business

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4 Comments #81: Don’t Start a Travel Blog to Make Money

  1. Picture of David David October 10, 2017

    Yes, I am always skeptical of the hype of monetizing a blog.  I know it is possible, but you have spelled it out pretty clearly.  We started a blog when we traveled with kids fulltime and just recently the wife and I reread.  We realized it is the ONLY place we recorded the journey in reasonable detail.  We received next to nothing in traffic as we never marketed it (and frankly it is not top notch material), but we are SO glad we set it up back then to look back on.

  2. Picture of Jordan Eades Jordan Eades December 09, 2017

    Great Podcast! I think that it is all to easy for those considering a blog to fall in to the trap of “monetization”. I’m ditching my “suburban life” because I refuse to be tied to a desk. Seems like you could easily find yourself “tied to your blog”! That being said, I certainly appreciate the content provided by other families on the road, as a way to educate ourselves on our upcoming journey, as well as possible social connections while we are exploring, just as you mentioned.

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