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If you have achieved the "American Dream" but found it a nightmare, if you feel like you never see your kids, if you yearn for a simpler life or more adventure - give it a listen!

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#86: Becoming Ditchers: Richard and Devon Anderson

Richard, Devon and their two young daughters moved onto their sailboat this past summer after deciding four years ago that they wanted to quit their jobs and sail around the world.

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Show Notes

Life in general had become too complex. Not only were our schedules complex, our finances were complex… and the amount of stuff we had was overly complex. You move into a boat, you have maybe 400 sq ft, and life becomes a whole lot simpler.Devon Anderson

During this podcast, Mike talks with Richard and Devon Anderson about:

  • When they realized that they wanted to quit their jobs and sail around the world
  • Richard worked Career Technologist, 20 yrs corporate work, work from home on the call, and lots of traveling
  • Devon was a Complex Commercial Litigation Attorney, traveling and managing two offices in two states
  • Having an Au Pair for the 2 young girls and housekeepers because they had no time to keep up the house
  • Telling family, friends, business partners and co-workers
  • Preparing the house for renting
  • Provisioning the boat
  • Boat safety equipment
  • Slowing down the burn rate
  • Boatschooling
  • Where they started their sailing adventures and where they are now
  • And more

You can find the Anderson family on the web:

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