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#13: But What About Friends?

Want to travel but concerned your kids won't have friends? Read this.

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  1. Picture of Dean Dean November 27, 2012

    Great post. Liked reading the thought process behind many of your life choices. As usual, living vicariously through you guys and loving it. ;-)

    One area I’d like to know more about is your spiritual journey through all of this. In particular, fellowship and the great commission (making disciples). While it’s nice in one respect to stay in one place to have fellowship and community (community being something you had back in Michigan, a good church) there seems to be a whole other avenue to explore on the road.

    I can only imagine the conversations you must have had around this subject as a family, couple etc. Definitely new ground to cover and opportunities you wouldn’t have had previously.

  2. Picture of Dana Dana November 27, 2012

    I am loving your blog, especially this post.  I am inspired by what you are doing with your family.  I think as fellow homeschoolers we go through similar scenario “what about friends” whether we travel or stay put in a traditional home setting. Our family as well strives to put family/sibling relationship on a higher scale. Way to follow God’s leading, your children are going to be richly blessed by what you are doing as a family.  What a great opportunity for them.

  3. Picture of Sue Sue November 27, 2012

    Thank you Mike - great post!  I love to see the pictures but your faces (and hugs) would be so much better.  Any plans for Spring or Summer in or around Michigan?

  4. Picture of Stephanie Stephanie November 27, 2012

    LOVE it!  Again, you hit it square!  I sure hope we are able to meet up on the road one day.  I am always encouraged by your posts, so keep up the great work! 


  5. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink November 27, 2012

    @Dean - Good to see your name here..;) Yes, that would be a good topic as well.

    @Dana - thank you.

    @Sue - thanks and no, as usual we don’t have plans that far out yet.

    @stephanie - thanks and yes I hope we can connect as well.

  6. Picture of Isabel Isabel November 27, 2012

    This was a nice read.

    I think people look at what you are doing and think of military brats but they neglect the fact that because your kids are home-schooled they don’t have to suffer through the public school socialization process over and over again, it’s a very different scenario, and speaking as someone who had a poor socialization in her teens, your kids will gain from all the experiences they are having.

  7. Picture of Chad Chad November 27, 2012

    Great post, Mike. When we started homeschooling our kids way back in the day, we hoped that they would simply turn out “normal”. Now we are coming to realize that “normal” is boring, and if we’re lucky, our kids won’t be normal at all.

    Take care.

  8. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 27, 2012

    @isabel - it’s funny you should write that as “suffer through the public school socialization process ” - when as homeschoolers it’s that process that people seem most concerned that our kids aren’t experiencing.

    @chad - it doesn’t take long to realize what a low bar the world and public school sets for our kids (and how agenda-driven that bar is to begin with). Viva the weird!

  9. Picture of Marci & Tom Marci & Tom November 28, 2012

    Great Post!  We often heard those same questions from family and friends as we prepared for our journey, and my response would be the same!

  10. Picture of Steven Grant Steven Grant December 01, 2012

    Thanks for this Mike. As you know we’re currently in New Zealand, primarily visiting family but doing a bit of travel while we’re here.

    Even as we ponder the pros/cons of moving the family to here or the US permanently, many of the things you’re saying hold true for both us and the kids.

    There’s a huge part of Sarah that doesn’t want to move away from Scotland and her parents. Given mine are in NZ , she sees it being ‘easy’ for me.

    However, seeing how our kids are in this environment compared to back ‘home’ - they’re so much happier here than I’ve ever seen them in Scotland. Perhaps that’s because I’m happier here than back home and feel like we’re able to get out and do things because the climate is better.

    Anyway, long story short, this has helped me work through some of my own thoughts on whether we make a move :-)

  11. Picture of Boyink Boyink December 02, 2012

    @Marci & Tom - glad to hear.  We’ve been watching the photos you are posting.;)

    @steven - weather can be a huge factor. I know MsBoyink has not had her seasonal “down” since we’ve been traveling.  Good luck with your decision process.

  12. Picture of Connie Perry Connie Perry January 15, 2013

    This post is just how we feel!

  13. Picture of Jess Curren Jess Curren January 27, 2014

    I love this! I’m so glad you linked to it and I hope that some of our readers will follow through. Very well said and thought out. I’m glad in some small ways us crazy people think a lot a like. ;)

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