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If you have achieved the "American Dream" but found it a nightmare, if you feel like you never see your kids, if you yearn for a simpler life or more adventure - give it a listen!

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#71: Downsizing Ditchers: Brandon Cave

Mike and Brandon Cave talk about their downsizing journeys from suburbia, to 5th wheel, to camper van living.

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Show Notes

We want longer travel days, and more journey in our travel days. Right now we have a 37’  trailer behind a truck and travel days are mostly about getting from point A to point B. We’re always passing by things and saying man that would be cool to turn out there, or did you see that little cafe or historical marker. You can’t always get into those with that much rig. We want to be able to experience those things on travel days.Brandon Cave

MIke and Brandon talk about:

  • The Cave’s two years on the road.
  • How a side business became a primary income.
  • How a search for a bigger house turned into a search for an RV.
  • Their reasons for wanting a smaller RV.
  • Building vs. Buying a campervan.
  • How to build an RV when you currently live in one.
  • Sources for campervan inspiration.


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