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#41: Own Your Days

Decide when to get up, who to work for, how to school your kids, and where to live.

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  1. Picture of Susanne Susanne September 15, 2016

    Do we own our days… Hmmm… Yes, more so than we used to, especially now that we homeschool from the road. For instance, today we decided to ditch the bookwork and go to a museum instead. Nobody was there. All of the other grade school kids were in school. We had the place almost entirely to ourselves, with the exception of a few fussy toddlers. It was great.

    On the other hand, trying to establish consistent work that pays all the bills (including some debt) is tough. Trent has a relatively steady contract gig. We really need to be earning more, though, and that’s where a lot of our stress originates.

    Of course, none of this happens overnight. I think if we work hard and get creative, we can make this work over the long term.

  2. Picture of Byn Byn September 17, 2016

    We are definitely living that life, owning our days right now on our sailboat. Years ago we lived in a converted greyhound bus for a few years. We traveled with our family of 7 and I painted at motorcycle rallies to support us.

    Now with the sailboat, or expenses are so low, it doesn’t take much income to live. We’re living off of rental property that our adult son rents.  We’re hoping to build some online income as we travel.

  3. Picture of kay ~ the barefoot minimalist kay ~ the barefoot minimalist September 18, 2016

    We’re almost there.  Just a few loose ends to tie up and we’re on our way!  I wish we’d done this sooner when our son was young.  He says he would have preferred being homeschooled because he loved to learn but there was too much wasted time at school.  We do our children a great disservice when we don’t educate them as individuals.  Excellent post!

  4. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink September 19, 2016

    Thanks folks.

    @susanne - you are right - getting to this point isnt’ an overnight process. For us we had the online income and homeschooling in place long before we realized we were location independent and took advantage of that.

    @byn - now there’s a nomadic income source I hadn’t heard before! :) Do you have photos of your work online anywhere?

    @kay - yes - although we’ve also traded comments in the past about kids desires having to fold into the overall direction of the family. My oldest wanted to attend public HS, but waited until after we sold our house to inform us. At that point we had to tell him that we just couldn’t make that happen (and honestly, his intentions weren’t to get a better education, he thought he’d have more time hanging out with buddies).

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