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#40: Puzzling Together History

Travel allows you to add pieces of history together to get a more complete picture

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  1. Picture of Anthony Anthony October 30, 2016

    Its upsetting that old military bases get left and run down like they do, you would figure our government would do something useful with all of that space!

  2. Picture of aNNa aNNa May 20, 2017

    I stumbled across your blog this morning, and it’s *amazing* what we have in common.  we live in West Michigan, homeschool (5, in this case) kids, and we try to travel - it’s ending up to be from this location, branching out, as we can’t work remotely, but we LOVE to go and see and do.

    Oh, and I grew up 13 years as an Air Force Brat, with my ‘home’ base (K.I. Sawyer AFB) being closed in 1993.  We went up there on our U.P. trip… was it three years ago?  I cried.  Then talked 90mph as I told my family all about the closed and abandoned buildings of my childhood.  Where I went on my first date.  Where I danced at prom.  Where I got my first library card.  All abandoned buildings.  It was bittersweet.

    I will probably try to read through your entire blog soon… but tomorrow we leave for our big Illinois trip (!!).  Which - by the way - I’ve enjoyed your entries from the state.  Thank you!

  3. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink May 20, 2017

    Thanks Anna - there’s almost 7 years of blogging here so you might want to make coffee first..;)

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