Schaber Family

Who (are you crazy people)?

We are:
Lou: Husband & Father
Tricia: Wife & Mother
Nevaeh: Daughter & Inspiration

What (does your current or desired ditched life look like)?

Our desired ditched life will take us on the road. Experiencing as much of the grandeur and greatness of our country as we can along the way.

We’re looking to unclutter and simplify our daily lives, while engaging in more meaningful and family-oriented activities.

We’ve pretty much settled on the idea of a fifth-wheel as our home-on-wheels, figuring a bunkhouse model will give Nevaeh her own personal space (because she refuses to quit growing).

Where (are you escaping from)?

We ditched Wesley Chapel, FL..

Where (do you think you are going)?

A lots is still dependent on our departure date.

Ideally, we’ll be headed west. Lou was born in CA, and grew up on the West Coast, so we’d love to get to the Pacific Northwest and take in some of the scenic beauty.

It would be great to see all 50 states, but we’re not setting a timeline. We’ve rushed things in the past, just to say we did it, while probably missing a ton of stuff in the process.

We’re giving ourselves a 1-year timeline (probably just so we have an out in case of something catastrophic). In reality, we are already starting to embrace the idea of being full-time RVers for the foreseeable future.

When (did you make your escape)?

September 22, 2016

Why (would you do such a thing)? Why?

Tricia tends more towards wanderlust, always looking forward to the next destination and the adventures it brings. Not that she is discontent with our current life, she just really enjoys the freedom that change brings.

We are an active family that enjoys the outdoors, and have relished all our vacations and travels.

With this in mind, Tricia has finally convinced me that traveling in an RV full-time is actually a good idea. So that is our plan. To wrap-up our responsibilities and obligations here, and prepare for the coming departure.

What we’re striving for:
- Ditching some material possessions.
- Taking in more views from our windows.
- Serving in ministry in a unique capacity (have no idea what this may look like).
- Doing more outdoors.
- Enjoying life.
- Loving one another.

How (will you avoid financial ruin)?

Good question! Ummmmm . . . we have a three step plan.

Tricia recently took a job at a friend’s company to develop the brand and market some of the products. In doing so, she has created a position that would suit itself quite well for travel and working remotely. That’s step one.

Lou is prematurely retired, and some of the retirement process is still gummed up in the system (hence, our fuzzy departure date). This should sort itself out and present a bit more income. If not, we’ll cash in the pension and create a new opportunity. That would be step two.

We have also created a blog. Really, it’s only intended to document life and the process of our departure, and then ultimately our adventures on the road. We do believe it can also be a springboard for opportunities. That’s the third step.

Where can we find you on the Intertubes?


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  1. Picture of Zully Zully March 06, 2016

    You guys are pretty close to us!  Congrats on taking the step to become full-timers.  How exciting!

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