Serendipitous Journeys

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Who (are you crazy people)?

We are a family of 6, Shawn (dad), Tawny (mom), Kaid (16), Abbie (13), Perrin (8), and Willow (2).  Shawn is a Disabled Veteran who served 9 years in the US Army and 3 deployments.  Tawny is a former army wife, a crafter, a blogger, a book nerd, and is the planner and the researcher.

What (does your current or desired ditched life look like)?

We left the army life of “on post living” and decided to live in a mobile tiny house (RV) to travel.  We chose a 34 ft. Shasta travel trailer.

Where (are you escaping from)?

We ditched Savannah, GA.

Where (do you think you are going)?

Our plan was to travel across the USA for at least a year and see where we ended up.  After a year we are still enjoying the journey, so we haven’t stopped.

When (did you make your escape)?

July 07, 2015

Why (would you do such a thing)? Why?

We wanted to take back our lives (so to speak) after so many years in the army. After 3 deployments, dad had missed a total of 3 years of the kids’ lives, while mom tried to hold down the fort….now we wanted to spend more time together, forge stronger, richer relationships with each other, simplify our lives, live more intentionally, and live more fulfilling lives through experiences…together.

How (will you avoid financial ruin)?

Shawn was deemed 100% disabled and medically discharged from the Army, therefore, his VA benefits allow us to support our travels and spend more time together.

Where can we find you on the Intertubes?

Website  Instagram 

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  1. Picture of Tawnymac Tawnymac September 13, 2016

    Thank you for letting us have profiles on your site!  Places like this help us find others to connect with :)

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