Instagramming Boaters

Is life on a boat all sunsets and beaches? Follow these families living on the water fulltime to find out!

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  1. afamilyafloat
    A family of 5 on a 40’ sailboat about to set sail around the world!
  2. aroundncircles
    What started as a dream 8+ years ago… is now a reality. Travel the world with us aboard s/v GIRO!
  3. bettycole
    Live aboard blended family of 5, exploring the land and sea of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
  4. bonnie_sea
    Exploring the world via sailboat with Geoff, @sailor.skye and sailordogelli.
  5. carla.barrett
    Quilter on sabbatical. Off tropical sailing on her sailboat, MAHI.
  6. cindywallach
    2 kids, a boat, a life afloat.
  7. finedayforsailing
    A family of four living on a boat.
  8. goodshipmonster
    Our ‘Monster’ Moments. Our life and family afloat aboard our 47’ steel Custom Bruce Roberts Spray.
  9. homeschoolahoy
    Unschooling, sailing, catamaran, travelling family, living aboard our 40’ Catamaran and preparing for a trip round the world.
  10. Sailing the Bakery
    Adventures and misadventures on the seas and in the kitchen
  11. sailingtotem
    Life on a sailboat, cruising the world’s oceans as a family. Love sharing our travel adventures afloat and ashore!
  12. sailingwithterrapin
    Family of 4 who sold it all, bought a boat and set sail off into the sunset.
  13. sailorandyc
    Our family adventures cruising and racing in the Pacific Northwest.
  14. slappinhalyards
    A freshly blended family of five loving life on a 50’ sailboat in the Salish Sea. Visual storyteller. Worldwide wedding photographer.
  15. tightlittletribe
    Living on a sailboat, currently in the San Francisco Bay. We are a family of three, exploring this big old world by land and by sea.
  16. windtraveler
    We are Brittany, Scott, Isla (eye-la), Haven and Mira (meer-uh) - the estrogen-rich family that is behind Windtraveler.