Campground & RV Park Reviews

Deciding where to go and where to stay is a constant concern for RVers. There are a ton of apps and websites out there to help - we seem to discover a new one weekly.

Below are the sites that we use along with our comments on each.


Find RV Parks

This is a great new FREE site to find RV parks. It's designed by an RVer/programer who wanted a functional site that wasn't slow and laggy. I noticed it pulls reviews dynamically from both Google and Yelp which was pretty cool.

What I like best about this site is it's free status and that it's a web site and therefore it works on all platforms. It works on your laptop, and on any web enabled phone. This is not an app that "doesn't work on Android" as some apps are. And did I mention that being as good as it is, it's FREE?!



Allstays is an app vs. a website - but it’s often our starting point for finding a campground.

There are simple in-app campground reviews and a one-click way to initiate a Google search for additional reviews. ranks highly in those results so Allstays for finding a campground & jumping to for feedback from previous campers is a common workflow.



Campendium is owned by the Airstream folks blogging at

We love the clean, mobile-friendly design and how prominent the cell coverage is on the review page.

We like the ability to connect blog posts to campgrounds - as bloggers this lets us contribute but still keep our content on our site.



Which one of these is not like the other, not like the other…

CampNab isn’t so much a park review site as a way to get into the park you want when they are booked. It doesn’t quite fit the rest of the list on this page, but we wanted to make sure you knew about it.

Basically you tell CampNab what campground you want and when. It keeps checking for cancellations. If it sees one, you get notified. You jump online and book the site you want, taking advantage of someone else’s change in plans.

Campground Views

Campground Views

We first learned about CampgroundViews when a bright green vintage Chevy truck sporting the logo drove through our campground. 

The site is owned and operated by Mark Koep - who along with his family are fulltime RVers.

The biggest difference about CampgroundViews is the focus on video - which does a great job helping set your expectations about a specific campground. is one of the heavy hitters in this space.

We like the clean design and mobile-friendliness of the site. They also have a free smartphone app if you prefer.

The site is more a business created by an entrepreneur who “has taken RV trips” than a ‘scratch your own itch” project from fulltime RVers.

The main drawback of is that it often just doesn’t have enough reviews on a specific park to make a decision about booking a site there.

RV Park Reviews

RV Park Reviews is the oldest site in the bunch - the domain was created in 2001. As such it has the most campground reviews from RVers.

While the site has improved since we have been traveling (it is mobile-friendly now) overall it’s still not awesome. Still, after checking the other sites first we often end up here for campground reviews. is also corporate site, owned by a parent company that collects community-driven websites.

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