Camping Memberships & Discounts

There are a number of camping clubs, memberships, and discount programs for RVers. We’ve listed the most popular here.

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Fulltime Families

Fulltime Families

FulltimeFamiles (aka FtF) is a membership club for families traveling the USA by RV. The group plans rallies, rates campgrounds for family-friendliness, has a Scout-like ‘Explorer’ program and more.

If you are considering becoming a fulltime RVing family check out a FulltimeFamilies membership first. FtF offers discounts on other progams (like Passport America) as part of their membership.

Good Sam Club

Good Sam Club

The Good Sam Club has a number of benefits for RVers - insurance, roadside assistance, travel planning, etc.

Our main reason for joining was to get discounts on purchases at Camping World (co-owned with Good Sam) and discounts at participating campgrounds.

The camping discounts aren’t usually as steep as Passport America, but at times you can use them when a PA discount is not available or after the PA discount runs out.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts

HarvestHosts connects RV owners with wineries, farms, museums and other non-traditional spots to park your RV.

You pay ~$45 for a yearly membership and get access to a directory of these types of hosts who are willing to accomodate you on an overnight basis.

Consider HarvestHosts an alternative to boondocking at Walmart, best used when you are on the move and just need a place to sleep overnight.

Passport America

Passport America

Passport America is a membership plan for discounted camping. You pay ~$45 for a year and can then get discounts at participating campgrounds and RV parks.

For the price it’s a no-brainer as you typically save that initial cost with 1-2 nights at the discounted rate.

Tips for use: Make sure the discount is available currently (most discounts are seasonal), check for how many nights you can use it for (some parks limit the discount for 1-3 nights), and ask if there is a “kid tax” (some parks have a per-person surcharge for more than 2 occupants).

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails (TT) is a campground membership organization that operates in a similar fashion to a resort timeshare.

You might see TT talked about as “free camping”. It’s not. You pay an upfront cost (usually $3K - $5K), a yearly fee (~$550) and then are able to use the facilities for given amounts of time throughout the year.

We list it here because it’s a popular way for RVing families to afford the fulltime RVing lifestyle, but we are not super-excited about the program for ourselves.

Read our complete thoughts on Thousand Trails.



Xscapers is part of the larger and longer-established Escapees RV membership club.

Xscapers is targeted to “a new generation of RVers who have not yet retired and who have already, or are aspiring to, hit the road pursuing a full-time or part-time nomadic lifestyle.”

So far the effort looks to be mainly marketing the current Escapees benefits to a younger crowd - but we’re keeping an eye on the Xscapers to see if they bring anything new to the table that would get us to join.

You can read more about how Xscapers got started on this post by the Technomads.

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5 Comments Camping Memberships & Discounts

  1. Picture of SheilaSheilaJuly 26, 2016

    Like your budget

  2. Picture of Gary RIchardsGary RIchardsFebruary 09, 2017

    Trying to find a good membership, we are only weekend rvers and mostly in the the southwest area Az and Cali. What is the best one

  3. Picture of BILL ANDREWSBILL ANDREWSMarch 09, 2017

    Fulltimer looking to stay a few months in an area then move to next area then same. Exploring best way to save. Ideas?

  4. Picture of virginia Clarkvirginia ClarkMay 05, 2017

    You sound knowledgeable. We want to give ourselves a year full time RV camping. I am reading and watching lots of people to get as much information as I can. We have 4 small dogs we plan to bring with us. How are the memberships you mention when it comes to more than 2 dogs?!

  5. Picture of BoyinkBoyinkMay 05, 2017

    Hey folks - you’ll really need to investigate these memberships for yourself to get the specifics on them and if they will work based on your travel style, region, and canine travel partners.

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