Blogroll - Fulltime RV Families

Our list of actively blogging fulltime RVing families (at least one parent and one child on the road fulltime).

Belong on our list or think we mis-categorized you? We are looking for families that are blogging about their lives as RVers (not every "RV blog" or "blog by RVers" fits that). Send us an email to get added.

Active RV Family Blogs:

This is our master list of fulltime family RV blogs that have been active in the last 4-6 months (from our research):

Inactive RV Blogs:

These blogs (as far as we can tell) don't seem to qualify anymore under the distinction of an "active RV Family blog". They are either not active, have stopped fulltime RVing, are now empty nesters (not the same as RVing with kids in tow), or their site has become something different (from an RV Family Blog). Many of these blogs still have great content (in their older stuff) that pertains to RV family life.