Work for RVers

Tired of being in RV parks all the time?

Workcamping is a great way to have a new experience (and save money) without ditching the RV.

These are the resources we use to find farms, animal rescue facilities, campgrounds, and summer camps who provide RV spots (and often internet, laundry, propane etc) in exchange for volunteer time.

If you desire to camphost at a National Park campground, volunteer at a NPS visitor center, fish hatchery, or National Wildlife Refuge then head to to see what’s available.

Our time spent camphosting at a government-owned campground in Mesa, AZ went well after we got settled in. has a variety of opportunities - from one-day weed pulls to jobs lasting an entire season.

For RV-appropriate openings choose “RV/Trailer Pads” in the Housing search options.

We’ve applied for jobs using the site (the process is as painful as you expect) but have yet to hear back on any of them.

Workers On Wheels

Workers On Wheels

Workers on Wheels describes itself as Work for RVers and Campers: Employment, Campground Jobs, Volunteer Positions, and RV Businesses.

We subscribe to the email newsletter to get the most recent job postings. Even if an opening isn’t an immediate fit if it sounds unique or interesting I’ll make a note of it on our private Google map. We got our animal rescue ranch gig by following up on a previously-posted ad.

We’ve also posted “Work Wanted” ads where we can explain to potential employers that we are non-traditional RVers who work online and have kids with us yet. We’ve gotten a number of interesting offers from these ads.

Workers on Wheels is a free service.

Workamper News

Workamper News

Workamper News is the oldest resource for finding workcamping jobs. They’ve taken the basic business of matching up workers and employers and added a ton of products and services around it.

Indeed - our biggest frustration with Workamper News is there is so much going with online training, in-person classes, books and spin-off businesses that it gets overwhelming. Some of their offerings seem overpriced (if not a bit out of date in today’s internet connected world).

We used the site to find our first workcamping gig.

Workamper News recently revamped their membership structure, and now offers access to job listings for free. Posting a “job wanted” ad requires membership at $40/year (for the “go green” option).



WWOOF is an acronym for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

Organic farms always need labor. There are people that want to learn about organic farming. WWOOF-USA is the “dating service” that connects these two groups.

Farms offer housing, education, and meals in exchange for a number of hours worked each week by each “Wwoofer”.

WOOF-USA is not RV-specific, yet can lead to farm-stay type experiences for RVing families.

We’ve written an overview of our WWOOFing experiences, the lessons we’ve learned, questions to ask a potential farm, and more.

WWOOF-USA is a ‘pay to play’ membership site.

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  1. Picture of Michelle Falabella Michelle Falabella July 05, 2016

    WHat are some of the best ways to work from or out of our future rv that will be our full time home?

  2. Picture of Boyink Boyink July 05, 2016

    Hi Michelle -

    There’s a ton of resources on the web - just google “make money rv” etc.

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